I’ve just returned from a wonderful week in North Devon where we stayed in the luxurious glamping lodge of Longlands and what a week it’s been! I’ve so many adventures to share with you, but I have to tell you all about our accommodation for the week.

Longlands is an award winning glamping campsite that’s tucked away in a secluded valley that is surrounded by the beauty of nature. My mother first found the incredible holiday destination in one of her magazines that she reads. I wasn’t really sold on the idea of going until she plopped the article in front of me and I was taken in by the breathtaking photos. We all agreed and a few months later we arrived at our accommodation for the week. Sometimes people are talented at taking photos and photoshop to sell destinations like this, but Longlands is perhaps even more gorgeous in person. A picturesque scene of five lodges stood in front of us and we were already in love with the place.

We were greeted by Bella who took us to our lodge, where she showed us around and how things work. This is glamping, after all, so it’s not your typical hotel where everything works as it does at home. The decor of the lodge looked a tad familiar as it’s the same sense of style my mother had when decorating our own home, so the dogs were thrilled to see an oxblood chesterfield sat in the living area of the tent!

Each lodge sleeps up to six people, with a master bedroom, a smaller bedroom with twin beds and then a double bed that’s tucked away in the living area, but still equally as comfortable. I’ve been to a fair few hotels and the quality of the rooms were definitely better than quite a few high rated hotels and B&Bs.

Most camping places have a shower block that you have to trek to every morning, but luckily each lodge has a wash room and ensuite shower that are of a high standard in quality and cleanliness, so if you feel anxiety around communal showers and toilets such as myself, the worry is left behind if you stay here at Longlands!

There was no need to worry about food as the fire had a stove and cooker top so you could cook. There was no need to hunt down a supermarket, either, as you could order food to be prepared for the following day which you just had to heat up in the kitchen area. You may be wondering if it’s worth ordering, but hand on heart, Bella and Pam’s cooking is exquisite and had my tastebuds singing all week – and my mother is a cook, so I do compare every meal ever to hers and this was certainly on par. Longlands also has a five rating on scores on the doors meaning the health and safety is impeccable. However, if you really want to head out and try local cuisine but would like snacks for the lodge, the larder unit is an honesty shop which is open 24 hours for you to pick your goods and settle up at the end of your stay. There’s lots of alcohol and soft drinks as well as gifts on offer, too.

There’s plenty of activities for all the weather – with a lake for rowing boats, a football field, basketball area and giant outdoor chessboard for when dry and a ton of games inside the lodge for wet days including the classic Cluedo, Monopoly and a new card game we’ve discovered, Exploding Kittens! Though please be wary of your neighbours when you play an intense game as sound can travel and your yells of excitement will be heard, trust me! There’s also the opportunity to for you to do a spot of fishing in the lake.

So what else can you do during your stay at Longlands? There are lots of small towns surrounding the area at just a short twenty minute journey from the lodge to each destination. Our favourite places to visit were Ilfracombe Harbour to take a boat trip and visit the shops and the dog friendly towns of Lynton & Lynmouth where your furry friends are more than welcome. Bella and the team have a whole recommendation of places to go, what to see, things to do so you can be sure you’ll be busy every day of your trip.

Speaking of furry friends, Longlands is welcoming to dogs! This was the main reason we booked, as we wanted to take Louis and Pepsi on holiday and this was such a good value for money at such high quality standard that we would have been stupid not to go. This is also an ideal place to take little ones, too. There’s something for absolutely all of the family! 

What I love about Longlands is that the whole team are nothing but friendly. It’s not like a hotel where you just check in with someone working a shift, but the people here live and breathe the Longlands life and make you feel as though you are their top priority. They are friendly faces who keep in touch with you after booking, make sure you enjoy your holiday and even send you a parting email which is always lovely to have such great community. Bella, Pam and the team were fantastic and their hospitality skills were second to none.

There’s only one thing I will say; if you make Longlands your first ever glamping experience, be warned; they will set the bar high for standards for anywhere else you intend on going for a glamping trip both price and quality wise. We have a lot of places we’d love to visit in the foreseeable future, but we will be rating them all against the high standards of Longlands.

We had a fantastic time this week and definitely would love to return to Longlands again sometime!

For more information and for pricings and bookings, visit the Longlands website.

Have you ever been to Longlands? Would you like to visit?



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  1. We did something similar but far less glam here in winthrop, this looks so relaxing! Glamping is my fav.

  2. What a lovely night time read! I’ve never been on a glamping trip yet, and a luxurious one sounds great! It’s so important to have an ensuite especially when there are many others sharing the same accommodation and I was also glad to know that we can order food instead of cooking. I’m hoping to visit Devon soon but how long would you recommend staying there as a week’s holiday from work might be a bit too long for my husband to opt for.

    Fatima | http://www.blogsbyfa.com

    1. Thank you for your kind words! There is a four night stay option (mon-fri) or a 3 night (fri-mon) – if you check the website or email Bella, they have options and if it’s solely a trip for you and your husband, you get £100 off your stay!

  3. We are thrilled that you enjoyed your stay with us, Jazmin. Thank you for such a wonderful review. Hearing how much you loved the lodges, our Larder, food and all that is on offer in the area is the absolute best reward for all our efforts. Do hope that we will see you again one day. All the very best, Bella

  4. I’ve never been glamping before but would love to! this looks absolutely gorgeous

    Holly x

  5. Oh wow this looks like a fab experience – I have never been glamping but I really want to now!

  6. Glamping….never heard of that term but after reading and seeing how you had to “rough” out there….
    Longlands looks like a perfect place to escape for a week!

  7. OMGI wasn’t expecting glamping to be quite so luxurious. I haven’t been yet but I have to say I am now tempted. I haven’t taken my children camping or glamping yet but I think having read this it is something they’d love to do.

  8. We love Devon and this is gorgeous . We have always wanted to go Glamping and this is absolutely gorgeous x

  9. Oh my goodness that actually looks like my idea of heaven! I would LOVE to stay there some time!

  10. Oh wow- I love the fancy sofa and the bathroom. I’m not a fan of camping but I think glamping would be more my style.

  11. WOW !!!!! That is glamping and a half. I have never seen something so luxurious as this glamping location. I am usually more used to bell tents with double beds etc, but this is amazing. I really want to go here for a break as it just looks perfect in every way

  12. I’m so impressed – not at all what I was expecting inside, so cosy!

  13. This looks great. Glamping is right up my street as i cant do camping

  14. I haven’t got around to trying out a glamping trip before, but I think you have convinced me to look into booking one. The dogs look like they enjoyed themselves!

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