One month down of 2017, 11 more to go. Despite being ill for half of January (again), I did have a few favourites that I’ve decided to share with you from the month. So, without further ado…

MAC Whirl Lipstick

I bought this quite a few months ago and loved it then, but it somehow went missing and miraculously was discovered New Years Eve, where I decided to wear it and I fell in love all over again, so it’s been my go to lipstick of the month. This matte rosy brown shade is a nod to the 90s lip trend but with slight pink tones to prevent it from being a full on brown if you feel that may be a little too daring for your taste. It’s of quite a soft and smooth consistency and not too drying. It also holds up pretty well when eating and drinking (and I did drink on NYE, despite usually being a teetotal.) I actually bought this after seeing a Tanya Burr tutorial, but apparently this is a staple product for the one and only Kylie Jenner.

Available from MAC for £15.50 

Better Than Sex Mascara

I was given this for Christmas. I’d heard a lot about it from a Make Up Facebook group I’m involved in and then when I saw Rena Lovelis apply it in a little Snapchat tutorial, her eyelashes were killing it. It was the deciding factor of jumping on the bandwagon and I am so glad I did. This really amplifies my lashes and that’s a look I’m really quite fond of. It does take a little while to dry, but if you’re patient, then this is really ideal. Once set, there is no smudging or flaking and it’s also buildable in volume and length. It’s pretty water resistant and does a fab job in curling lashes. Definitely a winner right here. Is it better than sex? Well, I’ll leave that to your own decision…

Available from Selfridges for £19.00

Shadow Switch Dry Brush Cleaner

If you saw my review of this, you’ll know how much I love it. It’s such a great way to clean your brushes if 1. you don’t have much time or 2. you detest the chore of washing make up brushes. It works really well on pretty much every brush I have, but again don’t try it on your beauty blender. I heard some people tried and it didn’t end well. I think this is a time saver and also pretty eco friendly as you only have to wash the sponge inside (plus any other sponges you may use) which is a lot less to the amount of brushes that are typically used. It’s compact, so it’s travel friendly and fits in most make-up bags.

Available from Amazon for £5.99

Nutribullet Graphite

I’ve seen a lot of positive reviews around the Nutribullet and so I managed to successfully talk my parents into buying it during the January Sales. I plan on doing a full review separate to this post, but I think that it is such a great kitchen tool. I usually have one smoothie a day from it and I can put in ingredients I dislike in it and the pungent flavours from other ingredients sort of cancel out the taste of what I wouldn’t usually eat in solid form, meaning I can get all the good nutrients out of things I don’t like such as blueberries and kale. It’s all about finding the right Nutriblast recipe to your liking but once you do, it’s so delicious and really good for you. I do recommend using ice, though, or putting it in the fridge for a while as otherwise it can come out quite warm. It does also recommend ice in the booklet that comes with it. You typically get all the right accessories with the purchase, so there’s no worry there. Check back soon for a more in-depth review of the product and how the Nutriblasts have impacted me.

Available from Currys for £64.99

Colour By Disney

This app is perfect if you have anxiety or need a distraction. I’ll give you an example; I had to attend an appointment last week and the waiting room was rather intimidating, so I just pulled out my phone and used this app. It’s a digital colour book with a lot of detail and choice of colour for you to get creative with. The app itself is free, but to access additional pages and colours, there are additional fees which vary. I feel like the free version is perfect if you just need an app for distraction. I also used it on a train commute this week and found it very calming. Plus, it’s Disney, so that alone is a winning factor for me.

Available in the App Store

What have you been loving this month? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Can’t wait to read your review of the nutribullet! I bought a cheaper version from B&Ms which is pretty good but I imagine a nutribullet is a bit more expensive so I wonder how they are different!

  2. Cool review! And just in time! Lol totally need new mascara 😘

  3. I love that lipstick. Don’t think I have that color by MAC x

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