I love hotels. I don’t know why, but I just love staying in them and having a temporary home while travelling. I’ve stayed in multiple hotels throughout my 20 something years in life, but never in one which stood out for its originality and uniqueness. The internet is an amazing place to discover that kind of thing and so here are 5 quirky hotels you need to visit before you die.

Book and Bed – Tokyo, Japan

Quirky Hotels

A dreamland for book lovers, Book and Bed Tokyo resembles and old bookstore until guests slide open a bookshelf and reveal a cozy nook with a simple bed, reading light, and electrical outlet. A comfortable and urban setting has 30 stacked cubbies, big enough for one person, are available behind with over 3,000 titles in both Japanese and English. There are communal bathrooms and sofas in the area outside the bookshelves for a reading and gathering, giving it more of a hostel than hotel vibes. The best thing? It costs 3,500 yen (around £25), so you’ll have a lot of money left over to explore the city of Tokyo.

The Dog Bark Park Inn – Idaho, USA
Quirky Hotels

Taking the term ‘Dog lover’ to a whole new level, The Dog Bark Park nn is a hotel which is in shape of a beagle, which definitely makes it a famous landmark in the state. The hotel is a two-bedroom B&B which of course also features dog themed contents.The hotel specialises in creating folk-art style wooden carvings, creating over 60 breeds and poses of dogs. They often work from customer photos to create special carvings of their canine companions. And yes, your furry friends are welcome, providing their humans are well-behaved and trained!

Hotel Nhow – Berlin, Germany

Quirky Hotels

Every musician needs to mark this as one of the big things to do on their bucket lists someday because this hotel is for them. Experience music, art and fashion in Europe’s first music hotel. The Nhow Hotel is located directly on the banks of the River Spree, at the epicentre of the Berlin music, fashion and creative scenes. Cosmopolitan business travellers, international jet-setters and hip bands converge here in a unique atmosphere. The hotel offers guests two professional recording studios and the world’s only guitar room service.

Hurawalhi – Maldives

Quirky Hotels

The Hurawalhi resort is a private island which is a beautiful circle of soft sand beaches fringed by aquamarine waters filled with phenomenal sea life and is home to the world’s largest underwater restaurant. Wake up to breathtaking views and dine in the gorgeous Aquarium restaurant, 5.8, which is indeed undersea, an unforgettable experience that is a must-do in this lifetime. There’s so much to do on this private island – not only is there Duniye Spa which offers a tropical spa experience, but theres of course so many sports and recreation such as snorkeling, diving, jet skiing, parasailing and lots of on land activities such as tennis, volleyball, badminton or even the chance to visit The Manta Trust Marine Biology Centre.

Kakslauttanen Hotel – Saariselkä, Finland

Quirky Hotels

The Kakslauttanen Hotel is home to extraordinary glass igloos, making it the perfect place for you to admire the Northern Lights and starry skies. The family-run hotel is located on the edge of the wildness, along the road to the Arctic Sea and a mere stone throw to the Urho Kekkonen National Park, the largest of Finland’s national parks.There are saunas and showers available in separate buildings and igloos come in the option of two-person (with the option of adding an extra bed) or four-person, making it perfect to experience the breathtaking scenes with family and loved ones.

Have you ever visited any of these hotels? What are the most quirky hotels you’ve heard of?


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  1. These are some great places to visit. My favorite is the Book And Bed. I wish they had one of those near me.

  2. I love the pics and they all look like amazing places to visit. I would love to visit the Kakslauttanen Hotel the most.

  3. I love hotels tooo! These all look so cool! I think my favorite one would be The Dog Bark Park, though. That sounds like a BLAST!

  4. I love the Tokyo bookshop one. That Berlin hotel would just give me a headache!
    I have stayed in a treehouse and on an antique boat before. I love somewhere different. Really want to stay in an igloo.

  5. Those hotels look wonderful! I would love to visit the book hotel, the underwater, and the one in Finland!

  6. OMG Book and bed sounds amazing! I would absolutely love that, Though I don’t think my husband would. I totally wish I had know about the dog bark park inn when I went to idaho last summer! The maldives just looks amazing. All these places do!!

  7. I’d be right at home in the book shop one! The whoel family would probably love the dog park one the best – we could even take our dog 🙂

  8. Really fun places to visit! may favorite being the underwater restaurant. looks like a incredible experience!

  9. The dog bark inn looks soooo cool. Especially because it’s pet-friendly. Also, the Madonna Inn is a really cool/quirky hotel! Look it up.

  10. I saw The Kakslauttanen Hotel in a magazine a few weeks ago. I so want to visit and see the Northern Lights. I hate snow but would mind being in that igloo!

  11. Wow I am so happy I saw this! I definitely want to stay at some of these places 🙂

  12. the hotel in Finland sounds amazing! It looks beautiful. I’d love to see the northern lights!

  13. yes! that gorgeous Aquarium restaurant has been on my to-visit list for ever! just amazing!

  14. Wow these look phenomenal! I would really love to visit the one in Germany. It looks so cool!

  15. All those hotels seems so cool! This The Dog Bark Park seems so funny and interesting haha my husband would love it! As for me I would probably choose the Berlin one! Love the lighting there! Also the one in Finland is on my list since forever! I hope ill get to visit it soon!

  16. That one in Finland looks great. I went to Lapland in December and actually stayed in Saariselka. Didn’t know they had that hotel there. The northern lights are not that easy to see and when you are there, there is no guarantee you will see them. The sky has to be clear and it is best to go outside of the village where there is no light pollution. Whether or not you see them is hit or miss, i went out every night of my 4 day trip to see them and never did. Although in the hotel i was in i heard a woman saying she saw them out of her window at 4am

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