Welcome back to Tuesday Ten! As you read this, I’ll be in Ilfracombe on holidays. I didn’t want to miss out on my weekly series, so this week I’m sharing with you 10 things that I like to pack in my bag for long car journeys. Also, some of these things may make me look anti social but when my parents are trying to navigate their way somewhere, I like to not interfere. We learnt this on a trip to Scotland as kids when we distracted them and ended up on the way to a completely different destination!


Headphones are an important thing for me because I really like to zone out if I’m going to be in a cramped situation for a long time, such as a car. I do engage in some conversations with the family but sometimes I like to just be in my own space in my mind and drift off for a nap or deep into thought. Headphones mean I can block out other noise and be by myself while listening to music or audible books. I make a lot of playlists including for travel so music is a big thing for me and I feel like that helps time pass quicker, or seem that way.

Portable Charger

Since reading while travelling in a car or by bus makes me feel nauseous, my phone will be my main source of entertainment, so I need a charger to keep it topped up for the journey. Not very interesting, but definitely very handy.


Comfy Socks

I love to be as comfortable as possible when travelling so I’ll be taking comfy socks so I can kick off my shoes and just have toasty warm feet. It’s a toss up between whether to wear my grey Zoella socks (as pictured above) or my really big slipper socks that mystep brother bought me one Christmas, because they’re so comfy.

Travel Neck Pillow

I used to hate travel pillows as a kid and I have no idea why. I think this will probably be my best bet of getting any kind of comfort if I want to have a nap while we travel, especially since I’m getting a stiff neck a lot lately.


I’ve been debating back and forth as to whether or not I should take my laptop. I decided that it would be a good idea as I can download some episodes of Friends to watch, which if you ask me is a great way to kill time. I can also use it when I’m at the lodge to be able to upload all footage and photos from my SD cards when they get full instead of buying another card or stressing about what to delete,etc. Also, if we have a bad day of weather, I can spend some time writing up blog posts and editing vlogs while sat by the fire. How cosy does that sound?

Travel Tablets

I’ve never had to deal with travel sickness until quite recently. I don’t know what started it, but even recently when I was in a car journey for about an hour, I felt really nauseous and just disgusting. So, I’m making sure I pick up some travel tablets to take with me just to be sure.

Packed Lunch

While we’ll be stopping at a services, we want to save as much money as we can, so we’re all going to be taking a packed lunch to eat at some point. We’ll have sandwiches, crisps and probably a packet of Bourbons or Chocolate Chip Cookies to have with a cup of tea and coffee when we stop for the dogs to stretch their legs.


If I end up with a headache (or migraine since I’m prone) then I won’t want to listen to music or have anything on my head. I’m taking a box of earplugs with me as I have a family of snorers which is the worst. I’ll use a pair in the car if I’m not feeling to well and want to nap and the rest will be used over the course of the week.

Wet Wipes

You can’t go wrong with wet wipes, can you? My main reason for needing these is because the dogs will be sat in the back and I’ll have to pass them dog treats now and then and I don’t really want that on my hands, especially before eating. Also, if I make a mess on my hands or just need to freshen up, these are ideal.

Bottles of water

Well, there’s only one real reason, really. Need to keep hydrated!


What do you like to take with you on long car journeys?


Jazz is a Disney, tea and pop culture enthusiast with a passion for blogging. Also a proud introvert.

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  1. I always pack travel tablets, you never know when you may feel ill. I need to make food to take, I must admit often we eat at the services and its not the best

  2. Great suggestions here, i had a long car journey to Wales with my boys in the summer holidays – packed lunches, iPads & portable chargers proved to be an absolute godsend! xx

  3. I can’t survive any long journey without my headphones and music x

  4. Headphones are an absolute must! I’m a very anxious traveller and I couldn’t live without mine.

  5. Bottled water and food is a must for me. I used to have a travel pillow and found it really good for my neck. I would add a blanket just in case it gets cold.

  6. A portable charger is a must for me everywhere I go x

  7. Very useful your tips! Thanks for sharing. It is essential to me: comfy socks, headphones and bottle of water 😉

  8. Not sure a laptop in the car would be on my list, but then I am the one that mostly drives – the kids do have ipads though

  9. This is a super helpful list. Most of the items I would make sure I pack too but especially the headphones and battery pack for my phone.

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