Welcome back to Tuesday Ten! In less than a month, I will be heading to Los Angeles for a week’s vacation and I can hardly wait! It’s been a while since I’ve taken a long haul flight and this trip will be 10 hours there and another 10 back, which is quite a while to be stuck in the air in a plane. So I’m sharing with you my hand luggage check list of things I’ll be taking with me to make it a more comfortable flight.

Slipper socks

Hand Luggage Check List

I don’t want to keep my shoes on for 10 hours, I want to be as comfortable as possible. So I thought to keep cosy and bring a bit of home sense with me, I’ll take a pair of slipper socks. I had a few pairs for Christmas because the past year I’ve been obsessed with the chunky knit ones my step brother once bought me and they were starting to get a little worn out.

Available from The White Company for £16.00


Hand Luggage Check List

10 hours is a lot to kill so one thing that’s vital for my hand luggage check list is a good book or two. I’m not really enjoying many magazines lately, so this would be the perfect time to get my nose stuck in a good book. I had Mirror Mirroby Cara Delevingne for Christmas and have kept it especially for the long haul journey. If I enjoy  it, you can definitely expect a review when I return!

Available from Amazon for £15.00

Travel Pillow

Hand Luggage Check List

There’s really not all that much you can do on a plane for 10 hours and so I’ve decided to try and definitely take a nap, especially on the way back. Some airlines are kind enough to give you a neck pillow, but I don’t know how likely this will be so I’ve got one that I can fit in my carry on so I can catch a few Z’s.

Available from Amazon for £6.89

Fruit Pastilles

Hand Luggage Check List

One horrible memory I’ll never forget is when we were landing in Florida after my first long haul flight. Everyone had sweets given to them to suck during the landing because of the pressure but I didn’t like the taste. In that result, I ended up with terrible earache which was not the best way to start a trip abroad. The second time, I took that into consideration and picked up Fruit Pastilles in the airport lounge and they worked a treat. Plus, who doesn’t love Fruit Pastilles?

Available from ASDA for £1.00


Hand Luggage Check List

While earphones are almost always complimentary on a flight, the iPhone 8 hasn’t got the headphone jack, which really irritates me. If I want to listen to music – which I always do – I’ll need to pack my iPhone earphones. I don’t have the Earpods and think they’re overrated, so I have the iPhone earphones which came with my phone and are also pretty affordable online.

Available from Amazon for £17.00

Portable Charger

Hand Luggage Check List

Speaking of phones, another thing I’ll be taking is a portable charger. I’ll definitely be resorting to my phone for some sort of entertainment and I’ll need to make sure it’s topped up for when I reach LAX to be able to contact my friend who will be picking us up. It’ll also be the portable charger I will be using in LA and taking to the Disney parks with me.

Available from Amazon for £20.00

Hand Gel

Hand Luggage Check List

I always feel safer and cleaner when I take my own hand gel because sometimes public toilets run out of soap or it smells really bad. The same thing happens on planes, too. I just feel a whole lot better with this in my bag so I can clean my hands at will call.

Available from Superdrug for £3.50

Eye Mask

Hand Luggage Check List

On a long haul flight, falling asleep is expected and I’d like to make it as comfortable as possible, meaning no lights in my eyes and whatnot. I’m taking an eye mask to let me have the best sleep possible in the situation, especially on the way home as it’ll be an overnight flight. I love how you can get cute ones like this panda one!

Available from New Look for £3.99

Travel Documents Holder

Hand Luggage Check List

Keeping your travel documents in order is so important. You need to be sure you have everything and don’t take up too much time shuffling through your bag to try and find each piece. I think a travel document holder is really ideal and keeps everything neat and tidy.

Available from Amazon for £21.00


Hand Luggage Check List

Taking medication with you in your hand luggage is so important. You need to take them along with your prescription and the box they come in to prove they are yours. This bag is really handy to keep them all in one place and make sure they don’t spill out everywhere.

Available from Amazon from £8.58

What do you like to pack in your hand luggage? Is anything from my checklist on yours?


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  1. My hand luggage always had my phone, gum, a pen (for a crossword puzzle), chap stick (maybe hand lotion too)… And um, yeah, that’s kind of it. OH wait, no, and SALT! Cause just in case I buy some food, I NEED SALT – hahaha!

  2. You should have seen me when I saw the cute socks!! AH absolutely love them!
    I usually try not to carry too much with me bc I hate carrying things lol. But the document holder is adorable! I’m getting it 😉

  3. OMG, those slippers sock will make my older one so happy, this is a must have for her.

  4. Great ideas! I fly short trips often to visit family, but it’s totally different when traveling with two toddlers. I always have my kindle with me, though, so I have something to read during the flight!

  5. I love those slipper socks, they are so cute! And yes, long flights require a charger. Nothing like a dead battery mid-flight!

  6. These are all great items! I love that you included Zoella brand hand sanitizer- she is the cutest!

  7. This is a great list. I especially would need the slipper socks because they look super comfy. Also, the neck pillow because I have a neck injury. More than anything I would need the hand gel because I am a germ freak.

  8. soon i am also going on vacation, This post is gonna be really helpful to organize stuff, Thanks for sharing!

  9. You have some really great ideas here for the flight and travel. I’ve only been on a plane once and realized I didn’t pack appropriately. Think I’ll bookmark this just in case I ever hop back on an airplane. Thank you!

  10. This is all great to have with my carry-on luggage. Perfect timing for this post. Saving this to remind of the things I need

  11. I always travel with my neck pillow and eye mask! It helps make traveling a little more comfortable.

  12. These are some great items to have with you while on a long flight. I love the slipper socks!

  13. I take a travel pillow with me. Everything i dont need gets checked in

  14. Hope you have an amazing time out here in LA when you get here. Lots to see and do of course. It’s a crazy city and tons going on all the time. As for traveling things, I have to say the travel pillow, especially for planes its essential

  15. Such fantastic list of travel essentials – cozy socks and a good book are a must as well as the portable charger and headphones – great list

    Laura x

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