Welcome back to another installment of Tuesday Ten. I’ve been feeling rather wanderlust again, so this week I thought I would share ten of the places I would love to travel to. Without further ado…


Without a doubt on the top of my list. I’m working out a potential trip in the near future, so fingers crossed I’ll be going soon. I’ve always loved California, in particular Los Angeles and have wanted to go since I was very young. The idea of the original Disneyland as well as some movie inspired places such as the Warner Brothers Tour, Hollywood and Universal Studios. I’d also love to go to Santa Monica for the day.


Besides being a big fan of the cuisine, I think Italy is such a beautiful city that I’d definitely love to visit. The architecture, the scenery and the shopping would be amazing to witness, plus to try authentic Italian food would just be phenomenal. It’d probably be the kind of holiday where I bring my camera along.


Now, this isn’t a place I ever thought I’d want to visit, but after seeing some vlogs of people on holiday there, I can’t help but really want to go out there and experience it. It’s so picturesque and I’ve never had a relaxing holiday before – more often than not I go on Disney holidays or exploring, so to go somewhere like the Maldives would be a real culture change that I’d love to embrace.


Another place I’ve seen from vlogs is Edinburgh. I went to Scotland when I was very young but Edinburgh just looks gorgeous. I’d love to witness the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo which I’ve seen clips of, which looks phenomenal. I’ve also heard Edinburgh as a whole is a great place to go shopping. I’d also be touristy by going on the tour bus of the city, because that would be so much fun.


My sister lives in Barcelona so I’m quite eager to go there and see the city with her as my own guide. The city is beautiful and another holiday I can see my camera being heavily involved in. I’ve never been to Spain and always wanted to go, so within the next five years, I have full intention of going to visit this glorious city.


Can we talk about how gorgeous Sydney looks? I always see the most stunning videos on YouTube and lots of blog posts about the capital of Australia. I’d love to go to Bondi Beach, even though I’m not the beachy kind of girl, it’s something I would like to experience and just see the world famous landmarks. The only two things putting me off are the ridiculous flight lengths and the beastly creatures I’ve heard so much about.

New York City

Did I not mention I like shopping? You’ve probably gathered that from this post alone. I’d love to go on a shopping trip with my mother to New York – I feel like it would be so much fun and the city just looks to be incredible. My brother has been a few times and I’ve always been so jealous of him. I love America anyway, but this is one of the top 3 cities I desperately want to travel to.


My dad had a love for the Japanese culture and he and I used to talk about going there one day. I’d love to go on his behalf. I think I’d be more interested in Tokyo (and the Disney parks) than anything else, but it’s said to be like another world out there. The only real thing holding me back from going is that I’m a vegetarian… if I can find enough places that cater for me (and learn enough of the lingo) then I’d definitely consider going there.


Germany sounds amazing, but the main reason I’d love to go is for the Christmas markets. I’ve been to mock versions which I fell in love with, but I know the real deal is something I absolutely need to experience. Lily and I have been talking about going next year on a cheap flight and in a small hotel to spend the weekend there to explore the markets as well as do some Christmas shopping. It’s even one of the destinations I’ve put in my recent Christmas Getaways post.



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  1. I’d love to go to all of these places, with the Maldives being at the top of my list.

  2. I’ve traveled to 4 countries from your list but would love to see the whole world too! New York is my absolute favourite place to visit.

  3. I’m lucky enough to have been to everywhere on your list apart from Japan, Sydney and the Maldives, on my top ten list would be a bit of South America I think.

  4. What a fanatics list. I would want to go to a few of those too but would also add the Florida Keys as the are stunning!!!! I can knock Amsterdam off the list, yaaaayyyyy

  5. I’ve been to California and I’ve been to NYC many times. I love NYC! I would love to travel to the Maldives , Italy, and Amsterdam is definitely a place I want to see. Edinburgh is also on my list.

  6. That is quite a list….being a native of California,rest assured you will enjoy quite a bit…..try and visit the San Jose / San Francisco area,so much to see and do there!!

  7. I’m off to California in two weeks, I’m so damn excited! xxx

  8. I’ve actually been to quite a few of these already, and can definitely vouch for Barcelona – it’s probably my favourite European city. Have you considered some of the more obscure places, that people don’t really have on their radar? The Gambia is amazing, as is Jordan and Colombia x

  9. I’ve been to five of those places! Fab list – Japan has always really intrigued me but it’s just SO far away!

  10. I’ve been pretty lucky to visit a lot of these (Cali/ NY/ Edinburgh/ Italy/ Amsterdam/ Berlin) but the others are all pretty much on my list too. I’m hoping to go to Barcelona next year x

  11. I’ve gone to Amsterdam but I would hope to be in Maldives too soon!!!

  12. I want to travel all these places too. But Maldives is my favourite and top of the list place to visit. It is just incredible.

  13. I’ve always wanted to visit Sydney, Barcelona and Rome. Edinburgh is beautiful I would love to go back there x

  14. I’ve done Italy, Edinburgh and Barcelona. All highly recommend, especially Italy. I went to Rome for 3 days and powered through and saw A LOT! Then headed over to Sorrento for 11 days which was so pretty, just beware of the drivers!

  15. I also want to visit a lot of places on this list! I’ve been to Italy and it is absolutely beautiful

  16. I love this list! California is such a fun and cool place. It’s got a special aura about it. So does Edinburgh! I am in love with the city and I totally recommend that you do the bus tours. I have been on 2 of them and I recommend the Rabbie’s tours. It’s a smaller bus but it’s a more intimate way to see the city than on the large tourist buses. x

  17. I’d really LOVE to go to Canada, especially Vancouver. One day perhaps.

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